In the mid-1970s, we made the daring transformation from being a fruit-growing farm concerned only with the production and sale of grapes and apples to a winery which processes its own grapes. Since that turning point, our enthusiasm for good wines and champagnes has set the tone for the work in the vineyards and in the wine cellar.

Overlooking Salorno - and already a part of the village of Pochi - lies the Hausmannhof at an altitude of 400m (1300 feet). From here, you can look out over the vineyards and into the valley towards Salorno, over the River Adige and the autobahn all the way towards the other side of the valley to Cortaccia and Termeno, as well as to the south towards Trentino and beyond to the peaks of the distant Brenta.

The Hausmannhof is the center of the vineyard. This is where Hederburg lives.


Alto Adige 

Südtirol / Italy

Price in reward points: 93 / 100

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