Albino Rocca - The four vineyards

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vineyards of Albino Rocca

Albino Rocca is a family vineyard located in Barbaresco, Italy. The family business excists since 1960`s and was founded by Albino Rocca. Four generations later it is in the hands of Daniela, Monica and Paola. The wines produced by them come from four different wine yards where each one can offer different advantages for the grapes to ripen.

Vigna Cotta

Vigna Cottà is a tiny area, producing no more then 15 hl from vines that for the most part are more than 50 years old.

The clay marl soil produces rich, solid and robust wines which marry well with the elegant Nebbiolo.

Vigna Ronchi

This vineyard represents the winery the best, because the winery is located on the top of this vineyard.

It is also the the oldest and largest part of the estate measuring almost 3 hectares with south - east exposure, limestone and clay soil rich in minerals and stratified with layers of "tufo".

Some vines here are over 70 years old whereas the rest was planted 50 years ago.

The exclusive productive of the Barbaresco Riserva Ronchi is also produced in this vineyard and only in the best years.

Ovello Vignia Loreto

Ovello is one of the oldest and largest historic crus of Barbaresco and also one of the oldest vineyards of the family Rocca.

However the size of the vineyard is only half a hectare, which gives a total annual production of 2,600 bottles which are aged entirely in one large oak barrel.

The wines coming from Vigna Loreto have a fresh and fruity aroma with a light tannic structure and a wonderful finesse of flavors.

Vigna Montersino

This vineyard in the Montersino Cru was planted in 1998, it is located at the southern tip of the Barbaresco wine growing region in San Rocco seno d´Elvio and is about half a hectare in size.

The Barbaresco "Montersino" is aged for 20 moths in 20 hectoliter Austrian and German oak Barrels.

If You now have the desire to try one of the extraordinary Albino Rocca Wines You are very welcome to have a look at our wine list which You can find on our Web Page or Contact us directly. For Further Information about the Albino Rocca Winery feel free to visit their website, their link will be in the bottom of this Post.

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