The awareness of Ecological Farming - Biodynamic Farm La Raia

The La Raia Farm is a biodynamic farm and Demeter certified since 2007. Further more the family purchased another organic farm called Tenuta Cucco, in 2015.

Both estates focus on pursuing excellent quality and helping the territory's enhancement through organic and biodynamic farming.

The awareness of healthy, high-quality and sustainable faming that respects the territory for the benefit of future generations is the coming trait for both farms.

Tenuta Cucco

Tenuta Cucco is at Serralunga d`Alba, in Piedmont, at the foot of the famous 1300`s castle that dominates the whole Langhe area near Alba.

Seerralunga is considered the most important Barolo area for the peculiar traits of its ancient wines and plants and its excellent microclimate due to the vineyards height.

Especially Vigna Cucco, where the Barolo Riserva comes form, is the most important vine in Serralunga, mentioned in the Carta del Barolo by Renato Ratti. It belongs to the sub-area Cerrati, a cru put on the market exclusively by Tenuta Cucco.

The vineyards hight is at around 400m above see level, where the lime and tuff, typically here, are highly concentrated on the soils surface, which enriches grapes with tennis and Polyphenols.

The limestone-clayey soil lies on Diano sandstone that date back to over 10 million years ago.

Not very deep, with emerging marls due to the erosion of the best exposed faces, it gives strong, complex and long-lived wines: the Bebbiolo produced in this area is conceded the best Nebbilo for aging.

The other vineyards are placed in the sub-area Bricco Vughera. In the 12,5 hectars of the farm all of the most renowned Piedmont red wines are produced: Barolo, Dolcetto d`Alba, Langhe Nebbiolo, Barbera d`Alba and of course Langhe Chardonnay.