Rocca di Frassinello

The big Rocca di Frassinello project came into being not from a great but from a small idea. A small idea because connected to the develop of Castellare, but a big project when happened the arrival of Domain Baron De Rothschild-Lafite, making the first join venture between an italian and french producer.

Located in southern Tuscany close to the city of Grosetto, the vineyard lies a little more than 90 miles from the ever-popular tourist destination of Pisa. The grounds and the origins of the property are both notably pedigreed. Not only was the winery's building designed by the most famous Italian architect of his time, Renzo Piano, but the venture itself was the first Italian joint-venture of Les Domaines Baron De Rothschild-Lafite, already world-famous for Chateau Lafite in Bordeaux. On top of that, the other half of the joint-venture, Castellare di Castellina, was founded by one of the most successful Italian journalists, Paolo Panerai, once editor-in-chief of Il Mondo.

As a result, two outstanding wineries were set to collaborate on a project of enormous dimensions: They bought 1235 acres (500 hectares) of land in the promising, yet still affordable, Maremma region and embedded a state-of-the-art winery in the middle of the vast property.


Grosseto / Italy

Price in reward points: 93 / 100

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