Van Volxem

"Since Roman times, wines have been made here from the steep slate slopes along the Saar, which belong to the top wine locations in the world. In the tradition of natural wineries, our mission is to maintain our unique cultural landscape through hard work in the vineyards.

In 1896, the well-known German terroir expert Franz Schneider wrote in the Trier-based wine journal Der Winzer: “In choosing a piece of land in which the most noble and healthy crop—the crown of all agriculture—the grapevine is to be planted, the first step must be a good site. … Just as when choosing a vineyard location, care must be taken in regard to the soil type. Both form the foundations of viticulture!”

Devonian slate forms the foundation of our work. The hillside vineyards’ aspect and soil combined with the relatively cool climate of the Saar region make a distinctive composition—perfect for our wines.

Our vines, mainly ungrafted, older plants, embody genetic diversity, which causes the intensive aromatic interplay of their small, highly fragrant grapes. This, in turn, is responsible for the variety found in our sites and the complexity and timelessness of our wines. This is exactly what we want: “cool-climate wines” with moderate alcohol, good structure, complexity, and concentration. But these are also wines that very precisely deliver the magic of each individual location, carrying it into the glass."

Van-Volxem House

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